Guitar Lessons for all ages!

Private Instruction Guitar Lessons:

The principle of guitar is taught at lessons.  Students can choose whether they wish to play on an electric or acoustic guitar.  It is important for all students to have a book to work from in addition to a pencil and a notebook to write down their lessons. 

Guitar lessons are given in 30 minute sessions.  The monthly fee is $80 = 4-30 minute sessions.  Once a specific time and day of the week to meet has been agreed upon by the teacher and the student, one month of lessons will be blocked off and reserved for that student.   Payment of one month of lessons is due the beginning of each month.  

Group Lessons:

Group Lessons can be a mix of students of various ages.  The cost is $60 for a month session.  Each session will be once a week and will last 45 minutes each.  The Group Lesson will go over the basics of guitar such as entry level chords, strumming, reading TAB, and some basic guitar riffs.  There may be advanced groups if there is an interest.

*Discounts are available for siblings wishing to take the class together.  If you wish to continue on to individual private lessons after taking a group class, the first lesson is free after paying for one month of private lessons.  You also can receive one free private lesson if you refer a friend and they sign up for private lessons.

What you can expect from me:

You can expect professionalism, dedication, flexibility, friendliness and to be easy to work with.

What I expect from you:

Practice your lesson and be prepared.  You get out of it what you put into it.  And most of all. Remember to have fun and be up for a challenge!

Rick Spurgin